Reading Journal User Guide

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Introduction to Notion

Notion is a popular productivity and organization tool that allows users to create notes, tasks, databases and much more within a single workspace. It is designed to be flexible and adaptable, so users can customize it to suit their needs. Notion can be used for a wide range of purposes, including project management, personal organization, and team collaboration.

It is available as a web app and as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

If you're new to Notion, click on the link below to get started. It's an affiliate link, so can directly support us and all the content we build for you. 


Setting up the template

After successfully purchasing the product, you will be provided with a link, directing you to the Travel Planner template in notion. 

1. The initial step is to create a duplicate copy, which will then be available in your personal notion account. To do so, simply click the duplicate button on the top-right of the page.

 2. After creating a duplicate copy, you may choose to stay on your browser or open the desktop app to customize the template according to your liking.


Section 1: The Navigator

The Navigator serves as a comprehensive overview and hub for your Reading Journal. It consists of six key components that help you effectively organize and manage your reading journey.

1. Wish List: Use the Wish List to keep track of books you're interested in reading in the future. Connected to the books database it, provides you with a filtered view of all the books you wish to read. 

2. Currently Reading: A filtered view of the main books database which displays the books you are currently reading. This view enables you to easily update your page numbers so you'll remember where you left off when you pick the book again. 

3. Read: Another linked view to the Books database. This view serves as a repository of all the books you have completed reading. It also displays the ratings you have provided for each completed book.

4. Quotes: The quotes database is connected to your Books database and provides a view of all your favourite quotes from your books. This database consists of synced blocks. When you input your favourite quotes on a book page, it will automatically update in real-time under the quotes database. Check out section 4: Setting up synced blocks for more information.

5. Summaries: Summaries provide a concise overview of each book you've read. Include key themes, character dynamics, and your overall impression of the book. Summaries help you recall essential details without revisiting the entire book. It works the same way as the quotes view i.e. syncing blocks. this enables your summaries to be synced on multiple pages in real-time. 

6. Additional Resources: The Additional Resources component allows you to attach supplementary materials related to your reading experience. You can link articles, reviews, author interviews, or any content that enhances your understanding of the book.


Section 2: Widgets

The Reading journal is preloaded with 3 Widgets. 

Clock:  Developed by Indify, this simple widget keeps you informed on the current time and day. There are many customization options available. Simply hover the cursor on the widget and click on the original source link to customize it.  Pomodoro Timer: We firmly believe that using a Pomodoro timer is an excellent way to manage your time. We even created a desk accessory for it. This beautiful widget from Gridfiti enables you to start Pomodoro cycles and take short and long breaks. An essential tool for productive reading. 

Streak Tracker: Another tool developed by Indify, this simple widget lets you track your daily streak and aids in getting into the practice of reading. 


Section 3 - The Books Database

The Books Database is the heart of your Reading Journal—a digital library that houses all your books. This dynamic and organized database allows you to effortlessly manage, sort, and retrieve information about your reading materials. The database is designed to be filterable by ratings, genre, and status, making it a powerful tool for tracking and exploring your reading collection.

From the gallery view, you can easily update your page numbers and see the progress bar update with it. 

When you switch to the table view, this is where you can all the necessary information related to a book. 

You can add the title and author, assign genres, update the reading status, give ratings, update your current page, see your progress and add your first impressions. 

For the progress bar to display accurate information, before starting your book, input the total number of pages. This way the progress bar can utilize the current page information and update in real time. 


Section 4: Setting up Syncing Blocks

By default, a Notes layout button is created for you to utilize and consists of three sections 

1. Summary 


3. Highlights/ Notes

Both Summary and Quotes utilize synced blocks (indicated by an orange border). While the highlights/section remains on the book page. 

Click on the button to generate a new layout. Then cut all the blocks and paste them to your new book page. Type in /synced block and then select it. Place one synced block under summary and another under quotes. The layout will then look something like this.

Now type in your summary and quotes for your book. As an example, here is the summary of Deep Work and some quotes from the book.

The next step is to click on the orange block, then click copy and sync.

Now, go to the Navigator. If your synced block is a summary, click on the summary icon. If it's quotes, then click on Quotes. Now add a new page. Give the page your book title and paste the synced block.

You'll find your synced summary in the Summaries database.

That's it. You're all set. 

This Reading Journal is your gateway to organized and insightful reading experiences. Explore your literary treasures, and watch your journey unfold. 

We hope we were able to make your every day, a little better.

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