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Sohail Virani2023-08-17

Introducing our Referral Rewards Program. Spread the word, and reap amazing rewards.

Hello readers, Happy Thursday! We are absolutely thrilled to share some exciting news with you and couldn't wait till the next issue to announce it. So here it is.

Introducing Vitality Digest's Refer and Earn Program, designed to make your journey towards Vitality even more rewarding.

Here's how it works.

Refer just 3 friends to Vitality Digest, and when they become a part of our community, you'll receive our Notion Advanced Habit Tracker template as a token of our appreciation. You can learn more about the reward here: Notion: Advanced Habit Tracker.

Take it up a notch! Refer more friends to a total of 10 referrals, and you'll unlock our Notion Planner Bundle, which includes our Budget and Travel planner templates.

Check them out below:

Notion: Budget Planner

Notion: Travel Planner

When you Reach 25 referrals, you'll unlock the ultimate reward: Slab, our stunning minimalist desk organizer designed to elevate your workspace.

Check it out here: Slab Desk Organizer

Ready to get started?

Simply click on the button below to start sharing.

Refer a friend

You can also refer your friends and family by using the share icon on our posts.

To track how close you are to reaping your next reward, visit the Leaderboard using the button below.


The leaderboard is also available to view on the website.

Lastly, we just wanted to give you a virtual high-five for being part of our family. Your support and love mean the world to us! As we kick off our Referral Rewards Program, we're stoked to have you by our side. Sharing our newsletter with your pals isn't just about getting perks – it's about growing our community and spreading the good stuff we share. Thanks a million and let's make every day better, together.

Yours truly,



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